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Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts & opinions in regards to life, motherhood, grandma hood, being a wife and most importantly a Christian.

Welcome to Raining Joy Ministry

My prayer for this blog is that at least one person will enjoy my blogs which will include and not in this order devotionals, tidbits from Grandma, questions on life (answers optional)and maybe something funny here and there. So, to start off Raining Joy Ministry please enjoy my first devotional below and may you always find your alone time with our Father, Creator of all things.

The Now Moments

I would love to see each one of you reading this to have at least (1) one of those “Now Moments” daily and for all of us to understand and reach out to grab onto the everyday moments that most of us miss. Moments such as what it truly means to stop and smell the roses or pause to look at the beauty that surrounds each one of us rather we are in our large luxurious back yard or in a small corner of your patio. He's there for you no matter where you stop and tarry with Him - in the dew of the morning, the sweat of the afternoon or the calmness of the sunset.

We all must learn to stop spending needless time worrying and planning our next step by step in our daily life's and to learn to truly rest in God's Promises. Resting on His Word, renewing our hearts, souls and minds each day. Are we allowing the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us? Are we truly allowing the Holy Spirit to help us lean not only on our understanding- but the understanding that God's supernatural ways are not our ways and that we should be hiding His Word in our hearts.

So, How many of you truly seize God moments? Just moments, one after another, do you ever take the time from your busy lives just to sit and be glorified in God’s Presence and delight in Him? His Word tells us that when we delight in Him, He in turn delights in us! God loves spending time with us. How many of you would like to take more time to enjoy God’s beautiful Creation on this bountiful green earth? Climb more mountains? Watch more sunsets? How many of you are taking time to spend with your families, children and friends, imparting faith, giving encouragement and sharing fun and laughter that will build precious memories to last a life time?

We all have so much to do here for our God! We need to learn NOT to be distracted by TV, Gossip, shopping and more. Right now as I am writing this cover page summer is only a few weeks away which means most of us will have more time to spend with our precious families that we have been blessed with. More time to laugh, eat more than we should, hold one another's hand, brush the hair off the face of your loved one, run through the sprinklers with your children or what the heck with your grandchildren...

Stop and look at your daughters bright beautiful smile, grab hold of your husband's hand and squeeze it tight, lay on the grass and look up at the clouds and giggle as you and a friend describe the different shapes you see. Come on "Seize the Moments" NOW to love, laugh, enjoy and relax in the surroundings that God has given you and I.

Take this time for the next few months to laugh with your children or grandchildren till you sides ache, and be there close to them at night telling them about our Savior and what He has done for us. Our Children, Grandchildren are blank canvas's just waiting for you to show them how to love, honor, cherish, respect and grow in the name of Jesus.

Yes we all have to work in some way or another but remember this scripture before you find yourself buried in a pile of paperwork, meetings, or useless gossip. God asks us to work for what we need but He also asks us this in Hebrews 4:9-11b

"There remains therefore a rest for the people of God.

For he who has entered His rest

has himself also ceased from his works

as God did from His.

Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest."


Cindy Andrews

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