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Are you taking in all your moments

In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. (Proverbs 16:9)
Are you taking in all your moments?
Ahhhh... a moment to catch my breath, a moment to hear the sound of nothing, it’s quiet the stars are shining so bright this morning and the air is cool and crisp as I take in a deep long breath. Good morning Father, I love you and thank you for this moment of peace so I may reflect on what you brought to me yesterday and thinking did I do all I could do to honor you not only yesterday but each day you give me? How many moments have come and gone,wasted on mindless tasks or ignorant thoughts. No wonder I feel worn out and very little to show for it- all the moments of silence that I have ignored which have led to missed opportunities of hearing what you were saying. Yet you still love me, forgive me, and wait for me to catch not only a moment of peace but a moment where I feel your presence and your sweet mercy and grace that you rain down on me. Sitting here I remember reading once “which came first,the avoidance of silence or the busynesss?"
Lord, I pray to you that not only today but all the tomorrows I will remember to take the still moments before You and to welcome what each day has to offer. I want to continue to Honor You each day. Celebrate the time you are allowing me to have with my family,friends and those who you put in my path to guide them to your feet.
God I ask that you grant me a heart, mind and spirit that are open to all the todays and tomorrows and to help me to hear your voice God and to be aware of all that you shall reveal to me. I love you Lord with all I have.. Amen

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I think that you said it all too well. Your prayer was so sincere that it made me think of what you just said. God really is amazing, for he loves us no matter how much we forget. Did you forget to thank him for all the blessings that He gave? How about all the times that we open our eyes for a new day? We are sinners, we are not worthy of his love, but He is still with us through every journey.
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