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Congraulations Micah - Grna loves you

A Letter To My Grandson Micah,

My dear sweet, sweet Grandson I must tell you that it has been an honor to teach you what you needed to know this past school year in preschool. We had alot of laughs, irritations, high fives and knuckles. I first want to say I am so proud of you and that I learned so much myself this past year by letting you teach me also. There would be days that I just did not want to have school and you would come up to me and say Grandma I want grow up and be smart and confident like you.. That would melt my heart and revitalize me to get up and hit the school bell and start on math, phonics, spelling and of course my favorite reading time

Micah, dont ever lose your drive for wanting to improve on who you are. Just remember to stop long enough to smell those flowers, lay on your back and make shapes out of the clouds and also remember to tell at least 5 people a day how good they are doing.

What ever you do in life I will love you and be proud of you. It has felt so good to see the light bulb come on in your head when we would learn new things. You are a wonderful, caring, giving soul and one that loves Jesus and would stop me if I was having a bad time and say grandma lets just pray.

I pray right now that you stay near to God and know He is the one..always and Lord I pray for my grandson Micah to keep his drive, love and honor for others with him. I thank you Lord for taking both of our hands and intwining them with your's more times than I can count. Father I ask for protection from all the snarls that are out there ....

So Micah Ryan Rowley-Ruiz It is with such joy in my heart and love for you that has made this past year one I shall always remember.

Congratulations Grandson as you move onward to kidnegartan

Joy and Love,


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