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Deeper and Deeper

I love taking time going through one of the many songbooks I have of Gospel Hymns and their stories. On certain mornings or evenings while doing my journaling and reading His Word I still feel as though there is more out there for me to read to get to that feeling of truly worshiping Him. Tonight was no different I read Psalms 40 and actually highlighted verse 8- I desire to do... your will, O my God: your law is within my heart. Just this one verse says so much regarding the desire that each one of us should have in order to do our Lords will. To me I love it when I am totally broken down for it is then that I pick up the Hymn book and read how our worship songs came about.

There was one particular night I fell asleep with my journal, hymn book and bible in my lap. When I awoke I was repeating the words from the Hymn Deeper and Deeper.. Read and meditate on the next couple of sentences. It was when I walked alone with God that I learned the lessons He would teach. I set aside a time and a place to meet Him, and I have never been disappointed.

This is so true! if anyone who reads this particular blog should try reading and applying what the hymn is saying.

One of my most important times in my day is what I call "morning watch". Morning watch is when you are basically the first one to rise and walk out to your patio and take in a deep breath and thank Him for allowing you another joyful day to spread the Gospel.

So, If any one reads this blog and loves it please email me at and let me know...


Cindy Andrews


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