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My Family Reunion and My Now Moment

I recently returned from spending a week with family members that I haven't seen in years and honestly I was a bit nervous on how everyone would get along. For my brother and my two sisters it has been 19 years since they saw each other. All of us had some baggage that we needed to get over and throw away if that week was going to work out.

Like most of you out there I too have a dysfunctional family and probably I am one of the main characters that can make it start going hay wire. I had a long talk with God before I left for this reunion telling him I don't know if I can do this as I don't want any more fights or hard feelings and I certainly don't want to go back and live in the past. I am one who loves the adventure of each new day and am not a fan of looking back to my childhood at all. So while I am telling God all this stuff (which I knew He knew already) I hear Him say I am not a God of disorder,confusion or hard feelings and you being my child, cannot go to this reunion thinking of disorder, confusion or hard feelings. I know also that none of us can find our spot with God if we not only ignore what His word says but ignore how he tells us to live.

Everyone is back home and back to their routines and although I thought a week was going to be too long with my siblings it turned out to not being enough time. I tried to take as many opportunities that I could and just look at their faces and listen to their voices and take every hug that was given out as I never know when I may not see them again. As I sat around and watched, listened and hugged I remembered what I wrote in a previous blog and that is we're not going to get this second back,so don't be a poor steward of this moment. Your now moment.. So as you go about this week with your work, children, meetings, etc... Remember it may seem hard,hectic, tiring, confusing but at the end of the day what we have is good all good cause we have God.

My most precious Now Moment this week was when I was watching the grandkids this past Friday night and I went to put them both to bed turned off the TV, covered them up, put the night light on and kiss them on the cheek goodnight. That's when I heard this tiny voice in my head saying you may be tired from being gone to the reunion and sick from the colds the grand boys passed on to me. But if you walk out that door you will have passed up one of our three's favorite Now Moments and that is their bedtime story... When I stopped at their door and turned around to look at them my eyes welled up with tears of happiness. Here are these two precious little one's knowing that I am exhausted and sick and they didn't say a word as to our bedtime ritual being cut short.

Well what is a grandma to do - except turnaround jump up on their bed which in turn got them up from being tucked in and told them we must read a story. So there is my Now moment seeing the big smiles and hearing the laughter that Grandma didn't forget to stay a little longer and a little closer together. After finishing that nights bedtime story I got the biggest love hugs and kisses of gratitude and love. I looked up to our Father and told Him thank you for my extra seconds with the grandkids.


Cindy Andrews

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