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Standing before Him

Like I wrote on the front page of my web site sometimes things I post will be random.. and this one is...

Picture yourself walking among the roses and jasmine and you stop for a moment and that is when you notice the smell rising up into a sweet aroma and there you are once a sinful person is now about to fellowship like none other with God!! Just like Adam and Eve once did walking side by side now here you are walking or perhaps feeling like you are floating as the Holiness of His presence is so strongly captivating and calming.

You look up glancing outward and see the trees are budding and the flowers are bursting through the ground.You pause to take in a deep breath and there He is JESUS coming toward you lighting up the evening twilight with HIS radiant presence. Here right now int his moment- as you see Him wearing His new body .

How are you feeling right about now? are you breathing slowly and calmly as you are bowing down on your knees not feeling worthy enough to look up at your Savior? Or, is your heart pounding rapidly and your legs are shaking as you are trying to bend a knee but they feel as though they are going to collapse but your spirit is pushing you down as you begin honoring the Lord.

You feel a hand on your shoulder and your breath is taken away in awe… You think back to all the scripture you have learned over years of bible studies, devotional readings and praying in spirit..

Then suddenly there is acalmness that no words can describe how beautiful and peaceful you feel. You are feeling the joy raining down from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.. You made it sweet one through another season of your life and are ready to move forward to the next...

There is no end now you are linked eternally to Him be proud stand tall and tell everyone that He lives...



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