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The Guiding Holy Spirit


What does it mean when Scripture tells us the Holy Spirit abides in us?

It means you are letting God into your heart and your soul. The Holy Spirit is our helper and counselor. It is His ability that empowers us to resist sin and obey God. He helps us interpret Scripture and enables us to fellowship with the Lord. Without Him, no one can have a genuinely fruitful Christian life. The Spirit can give us the right words to encourage a hurting person, or lead us to do something unusually kind for a stranger. He may even guide us to take a different route. The Holy Spirit is the voice of God in and to us.

We must have total surrender and obedience to the Holy Spirit. We must set our minds on the things of God and trust the indwelling Holy Spirit to guide you, enable you, and empower you to obey His voice. When we are sensitive to the Spirit’s guidance, depend upon Him totally, and obey Him, we have life at it's very best.

I am a simple woman who has known Christ for only 23 years personally but all my life internally. Even as a young child I never felt totally alone. My daddy's mom - Grandma would pray over me almost nightly and tell me the stories of the bible while kneeling down putting me to bed. I remember her telling me the Holy Spirit will guide me to the truth- God's truth.

My final thoughts is this. I am convinced God speaks only to those who discipline themselves to come and stand by Him daily without hesitation which also means we MUST spend quality time with the Lord daily. So we not only have the Word in the bible for us to pick up and read at any time but we have the Word in us through having the Holy Spirit in us.

So tell me what does it mean when Scripture tells you the Holy Spirit abides in YOU ?



P.S. I recommned to everyone to pick up a copy of Pastor Chuck Smith's book The Living Water to further your understanding of the Holy Spirit.

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